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"We provide premium brand partnerships, business training, mentoring, teaching resources and weekly guidance - everything you need to be successful"

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Sports Xtra was founded in 2002 by Loughborough and Cambridge University graduate Gareth Lippiatt, starting as a freelance coach working in two Cambridgeshire Primary schools.

We're on a mission to engage and impact communities around the globe through physical activity, combining nearly two decades of insight and experience with great technology and world class partnerships.

We also understand that business models and markets change so we've evolved the way we operate our business. At our core our passion is about engaging children in active lifestyles, but along the way we've also realised that the best way of providing amazing experiences for children is to focus on the deliverer.

Not everyone wants the commitment and costs associated with a full-scale business format franchise and with just a few tweaks to our model, we're now able to offer much more flexible and cost effective licenses suitable for a range of scenarios.

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Sports Xtra

How it works

Sports Xtra offer licensed products for individuals - including everything you need to build a successful business. We also offer a "white label" license option for organisations that don't require the use of the Sports Xtra brand, but see value in our premium products and infrastructure.

There is no franchise fee. We charge an "on-boarding fee" of £600 (inc VAT) which includes your starter pack and access to our e-learning platform that covers everything that provides you with the know-how to build a successful business. Most franchisors in this sector need to incorporate the cost of a four or five day introductory training program whereas with the benefit of modern technology, we feel that this incurs unnecessary cost and we've focused on optimising efficiency to significantly reduce costs.

The monthly fee is £149 (inc VAT) per month and there is no long-term contract - just a maximum of two months notice to complete all your courses. Individuals work on a self-employed basis - there are no set hours as you are your own boss.

The monthly license fee includes four revenue streams that may be delivered: extra-curricular activities, curricular support, holiday courses and birthday parties. Full training and weekly guidance is provided on getting each revenue stream started and then optimised.

There are no exclusive territories included in the license - this business is based on building great relationships rather than "owning" postcodes!

Sports Xtra provide you with premium products to really stand out in your community - including partnerships with brands such as Angry Birds and Danger Mouse.

Sports Xtra also provide you with everything that you will need to build a successful children's activity business - including marketing assets, policy templates, teaching resources, etc.

Both for individuals and organisations we provide world class booking and class management software - either branded as Sports Xtra or on a "white label" basis to add your own logo.

For Children's Activity Professionals based in the United Kingdom, the monthly fee also includes your continuous professional development training including three one day workshops per year.

As we place huge emphasis on the values of ownership and responsibility to ensure great customer experiences, the licensed Children's Activity Professional must be present at every activity delivered. Additional staff may be engaged to assist (with popular holiday courses for example), however the licensee must be present.

Sports Xtra

Is this for me?

We provide products and know how that will generate income streams from £60+ per hour to thousands of pounds per day in a well established operation. Our most established licensee took nearly £100k revenue over the summer holidays in 2017.

Are we right for you?

Perhaps you are interested in running your own business but put off by the investment and required by business format franchisors?

Are you already involved in a parallel activity such as a personal trainer or a dance teacher?

Or maybe your circumstances mean that you're only looking for something part-time with low commitment but high earnings?

We are looking for people that are passionate about physical activity, understand that consumer experience is paramount and are serious about this business.

Great interpersonal skills, ambition and a determination to succeed are other traits that we look for as these will be essential to your success.

employee working

Could your organisation benefit from high profile branded products, marketing assets and full operational support?

We also offer a white label option for organisations that don't require Sports Xtra branding - but see value in our support to deliver exciting new children's physical activity products.

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Sports Xtra

Training & Support

Drive & Energy

Every successful business requires the drive and energy of its proprietor and the primary reason why Sports Xtra is licensing our IP is because we genuinely believe that the "autonomy and ownership" of the deliverer is a key driver in great experiences.

Superb Support

However another vital aspect of success is access to guidance and support throughout the journey. We provide your on-boarding and mentoring through a combination of e-learning and weekly guidance, covering all areas of managing the business aspects.

Join The Team

We have partnered with Create Development to provide continuous professional development for all our deliverers based in the UK, who themselves also provide teacher training to over 4,000 primary schools.

Sports Xtra

Case studies & success stories

case study

Steve West


"Sports Xtra have opened doors to new opportunities"

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case study

Lee Salmon


"The best benefit for me is having a great income whilst doing what I love."

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case study

Phil West


"I won a large school contract worth over £30,000"

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case study

Louis Johnson

South Wales

"I'm able to decide what hours I want to work"

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case study

Ryan Mills


"I love working with children and teaching PE all day"

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case study

Jordan Snaith


"I have advanced my business skills thanks to Sports Xtra"

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Sports Xtra

Frequently asked questions

What fees will I have to pay Sports Xtra?

There is a start up fee of £600 (inc VAT) which covers your starter pack and first three months' license fees. Once you have completed your first three months with Sports Xtra, you will move on to the standard rate of £149 per month (inc VAT).

Why are your fees so much lower than franchisees in this sector?

Typically a franchisor will ask you to pay an initial franchise fee of £7,500 - £15,000 (we also used to) as recruiting and setting up new franchisees is expensive including due diligence, legal costs, exclusive territories and residential training. Through the benefit of technology, we've re-engineered our business model to remove a number of these costs to us and we've passed that saving directly on to you. In fact the main reason we ask for the first three months fees up front is to filter out the time wasters!

So what are the main differences to a £15,000 franchise?

We see three main differences. Firstly, you do not have an exclusive territory in which to operate as we've found that this business is more about relationships than postcodes. Once you have acquired a parent or a school as a customer, they are your's to lose and if you continually exceed their expectations, they will remain your customers for years. Secondly, you will have to be present at every session that is delivered: our focus is on quality experiences for the consumers and the best way for us to achieve that is if you are present in person. Finally, rather than attending our offices for your training, we use an e-learning platform which we find offers a better solution at a fraction of the cost. Using the e-learning, you can complete the on-boarding in your own time and review modules as necessary. We've found that intensive franchise training can result in information overload!

Whats included?

  • - Starter Pack
  • - Weekly Guidance
  • - E-Learning Platform
  • - Products for 4 Revenue Streams
  • - Resources
  • - Continuous Professional Development Training (UK Only)
  • - Premium Brand Partnerships (such as Angry Birds and Danger Mouse)
  • - Online Booking System
  • - Marketing Assets Portal
  • - Invoicing and Payroll Service
  • - Insurance (Extra Cost Applicable)
  • - Tax Returns Done for You (Extra Cost Applicable)

What's in the starter pack?

Everything you will need to get started: three items of uniform, lanyards, folders, business cards, stickers, pens etc.

What experience do I need?

We are looking for ambitious individuals that are passionate about engaging and impacting young people in physical activity. If you are a confident deliverer, we can teach you the "business" aspects so you can provide yourself with a lucrative income. We have examples of coaches that have previously been employed by a third party literally doubling their annual income by joining us as a Children's Activity Professional. If the only thing holding you back is the fear of the unknown, such as insurance, invoicing and tax implications, we have all that covered for you.

What support is provided?

In a nutshell, our aim has been to provide everything you could need to run a successful business so that the only things you have to worry about is following the simple processes and delivering great experiences.

Can I employ staff?

Yes, absolutely, you will need to do this to run successful holiday courses, however the restriction is that you must be present at every event.

How much will I earn?

This depends entirely on you and how driven you are. Working part-time hours yields likely income of £40-64 per hour whereas working as a Children's Activity Professional on a full time basis is likely to generate you between £20k-40k.

How will I generate income?

We will explain this in more detail as part of the application process.

How long is the agreement?

Whereas a franchisee agreement is typically five years in duration, we understand that not everyone can commit to that length of time. We therefore offer a more flexible rolling agreement that requires only two months notice.